Interview with Bertrand de Crombrugghe, Belgian Representative to OSCE

2. Dec 2006, 17:42

For many years I was told that the developments in Kosovo and Montenegro was the subject for internationals to talk about it. That in Bosnia itself it was not really a subject...

Interview with Jan FIGEL, European Commissioner for Education and Culture

2. Oct 2006, 04:47

Jan Figel speaks about new culture and citizenship programmes for Serbia and the Western Balkans, and the liberalisation of the visa regime for students from the Western Balkan countries.

Interview with Monica MACOVEI, Romanian Minister of Justice

2. Oct 2006, 15:46

Monica Macovei has been at the forefront of the fight against corruption in Romania. She speaks about her experience, and how it could be extended to Western Balkan countries.

Interview with Jelko Kacin, Member of the European Parliament

2. Oct 2006, 11:25

Mr Kacin speaks about Bosnia and Herzegovina after the elections. What are the first steps the new Bosnian Government needs to make for its EU integration; Bosnianeeds a new Constitution; the requests for a referendum in Republika Srpska could block the country in its EU integration process. Mr Kacin announces what the European Parliament report on Serbia will contain: the SAA negotiations are frozen but there is some progress; the decision on the new Serbian Constitution is not the right step, he says. Mr Kacin thinks that the chances are real for Croatia, Macedonia and even Bosnia and Herzegovina, if there is progess, to be part of the next wave of the EU enlargement which could be announced after the elections for the European Parliament in 2009.

Interview with Simeon Djankov, World Bank Analyst

2. Oct 2006, 06:35

Simeon Djankov analyses the latest business indicators from the Doing Business report published by the World Bank. Focus on Western Balkan countries.

Antonio Missiroli, Chief Analyst EPC

2. Sep 2006, 04:02

Antonio Missiroli comments on his report about the EU`s absorption capacity.

Interview with Dick Marty

2. Sep 2006, 15:48

Dick Marty is the Council of Europe investigator on the alleged CIA activities in Europe

Interview with Stefan Lehne, EU Special Envoy for Kosovo Status

2. Jun 2006, 12:14

Stefan Lehne analyses where the status negotiations stand

Interview with Jacques Rupnik

2. Jun 2006, 12:50

Jacques Rupnik gives an in-depth analysis of issues at stake in Western Balkan countries on their way to the EU

Interview with Judy Batt, Balkan analyst

2. Jun 2006, 05:54

Judy Batt analyses the outcome of the Montenegro referendum on independence, and the implications for both Serbia and Montenegro in the EU integration process

Olli Rehn and Carl Bildt on EU absorption capacity

2. May 2006, 09:06

Recorded at European Policy Center briefing on EU Enlargement

Interview with Vuk Draskovic, Serbian Minister of Foreign Affairs

2. May 2006, 09:06

Vuk Draskovic speaks about the deadline to transfer Mladic to the Hague, and about other current issues.

Interview with Istvan Szent-Ivanyi, MEP

2. Apr 2006, 09:02

On the European Parliament`s views on the new financial Instrument for Pre-Accession (IPA) for the Western Balkans and Turkey.

Interview with Claude Moniquet, anti-terrorism specialist

2. Apr 2006, 05:29

Claude Moniquet speaks about the terrorism threat from the Balkans

23 March 2006, Brussels

2. Apr 2006, 15:50

Special Interview with Sulejman Tihic, President of BiH Presidency

2. Apr 2006, 10:42

Sulejman Tihic speaks about the need for constitutional reforms in BiH, and about the Bosnia and Herzegovina case against Serbia and Montenegro for genocide in the International Criminal Court.

Interview with Michael Leigh, Director General of EC Enlargement DG

2. Apr 2006, 10:45

Michael Leigh reviews the European Commission`s status of negotiations with the Western Balkan countries, and gives a background briefing on the Stabilisation and Association Process.

Views from Vienna on next EU Enlargement

2. Feb 2006, 05:46

In view of the upcoming debate on the next EU enlargement organised by the Austrian Presidency, we propose background interviews with three experts based in Vienna.


2. Feb 2006, 17:16

- Special TV interview with Jose Manuel Barroso on the purpose of his visit to the Balkans - Special TV interview with Olli Rehn, ahead of his visit to the Balkans - Special TV interview with Michael Leigh, the new Director General of the Enlargement Directorate of the European Commission, on his views for the Western Balkans. This newspackage (duration approx 30`), including relevant stock shots and cutaways, will be transmitted free of copyrights via Europe By Satellite to interested televisions from the Balkans on the 15 or the 16 of February, the time slot remains to be confirmed.

Interview with Alvaro Gil Robles, Commissioner for human rights for the Council of Europe

2. Feb 2006, 13:44

In the context of the investigation of the Council of Europe into the alleged secret detentions in Council of Europe member states, Alvaro Gil Robles, Commissioner for human rights for the Council of Europe in this interview with SEETV speaks about what he has seen during his visit in one of the detention centers in Kosovo and expresses his disappointment about the fact that the Committee for prevention of torture does not have access to the Kosovo prisons.