FRIDAY 12 October 2007 at 20:30 CET

Interview with Doris Pack, MEP


Will Bosnian political leaders agree on the police reform before the

Deadline due to expire on Monday 15th October?

If the country is not ready and politicians are not ready, to solve this question, I do not see any interest to get them closer to the EU in this very moment. I think they should learn: they are responsible, not we. We are looking there to see when and how we can be helpful. But solution should be found, and this is not to change the world, it is only to make the police functioning and to make police depoliticized. Therefore, I’m not in favor of taking away responsibility from the shoulders of politicians. They are elected, they are strong, they behave very strongly and they should do it, but they should do it in a very serious way, tackling issues which should be tackled, not by the High Representative. I think High Representative’s Bonn powers were needed, but no longer in 2007.

In case of failure, how should Serbia react?

If there is still some time, some days, I think politicians should use it, if they cannot use it, the SAA will be stopped. There is no way out. You know, in Serbiait was stopped because of ICTY, and here will be stopped because of not fulfillment of very normal demand to make police reform functioning. That nobody can understand. Therefore, I’m not willing to say: Ok, if they cannot find a solution, let the High Representative do it. No, they should show they mature enough to do it themselves. Otherwise, we will continue and continue to take solutions for them and I think that is not the way in which country can become a member of European Union.

Possible link between situation in Bosnia and Kosovo status process?

I do not think that anybody can compare Kosovo with any part of Bosnia, because Kosovo was in nineties apartheid regime installed by Milosevic and I can not see that similar one was installed in any part (of Bosnia) by somebody else or by the people themselves. In Bosniathere was another situation, there is no need to cut Bosnia, because Daytonwas done to keep the country together. It is a home country of Serbs, of Croats, of Bosniacs, and therefore I think it was done specially to keep it together and this is one part of the story of former Yugoslavia...I do not connect Kosovo with Republika Srpska; even (Prime Minister) Dodik denied it.