Friday 19 October 2007 at 20:30 CET on Europe by Satellite

Interview with Gabriela Konevska, Macedonian Minister for European Integration


08:26 On the tragic death of Toshe Proeski

I think that the good persons, and the persons with a big soul, they’re having influence on anyone in the world. I think that Toshe Proeski was that kind of personality, personality who had a very strong star and I believe that unfortunately in this unhappy situation, we show as Balkan, as a country, as Macedonia, as a region that we can be anonymous even in our sorrow. That means that we are sharing the same spirit, we’re sharing the same values, and we have to be united and anonymous in many other areas of our lives, as well as in the culture. Unfortunately, this is a situation that showed this on the surface.

09:16 On European issues for the region + annual progress reports

First of all, I’m expecting as a representative of our government, and Macedonia, that the reports will be fair and realistic, that they will be a mirror of the real situation in Macedonia, of the efforts of development, and the efforts for progress and reform that we are making.

Reports can’t be divided on positive or negative. We can say that there is a report where more or less progress is stressed and we consider as guidelines for the future. Especially these reports are going to be our guidelines for 2008, ayear that we consider as extremely important that besides application and besides the transposition of the main laws from the EU we are going to start with the process of implementation and enforcement, which is actually going to be the main challenge for us

10:21 Will groups of countries be made in the EU integration process after candidate status for Serbia, Montenegro who has just signed SAA

I cannot predict such events but as a country we are very happy that Montenegro signed this agreement and we sent our letter of gratefulness and happiness to the representatives in Montenegro. I believe that if the countries are going to deserve the status of certain stage and if the merit system will be implemented that means that the individual efforts are going to be analyzed country by country, I wish for any of the countries to be a part of the EU. Actually that is our dream at the end of the day for the whole region.

11:02 On Slovenian Presidency

Slovenian Presidency is very important for us but the expectations are on both sides, as well on the side of Slovenian Presidency but as well of Macedonian government, because no one can help you if you are not going to do something tremendously with yourself which means that if you’re not going to implement the criteria and the standards nobody can help you. That’s why we believe that our story, Balkan story and the importance of implementation of the Thessaloniki summit and commitment are going to put again the surface on the European agenda, that’s why we believe that the Slovenian Presidency is very important.

11:45 On Kosovo status resolution

Unfortunately this question is out of our control, we are playing a constructive role from the beginning till the end and I think that we are going to respect any of the solution that will be mutually taken by Belgradeand Pristina and we believe that the International Community, the latest proposal that was given was very constructive. What is going to be the final solution? We believe that negatively it’s not going to have repercussions on Macedoniabecause we didn’t make a single act to make this situation worse.