The challenge of reforming the security sector in Serbia

The Enemy Within

Brief description: When Milosevic was brought down, he left a heavy legacy. For months after his demise, his system continued to work. The Serbian army, police and secret services continued to operate according to their own rules. The new government couldn’t face up to the radical reform of these key power structures. “Prime Minister Djindjic was not killed by street gangs – he was killed by criminals employed by the State” says Goran Svilanovic, former Minister of Foreign Affairs. The documentary demonstrates how urgent it becomes for Serbia to tackle the issue of reform of its security structures.

Directed by: Dusan Gajic
Duration : 26 minutes
Full transcript available on request to
Broadcast on : RTS in Serbia, RTK in Kosovo, Sitel in Macedonia, HRT in Croatia, BHT1 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Alsat TV in Albania, shorter version on Euronews