Aleksandra Mudresa

From TV Vijesti, Montenegro.

Televizija Vijesti is a national broadcaster based in Podgorica. TV Vijesti aims to become the leader in informative programming in Montenegro and contribute to the democratization of Montenegrin media. TV Vijesti employs around one hundred workers, including expert journalists and technical experts using the network's latest technology.

Aleksandra Mudresa
was a visiting journalist in Brussels in September 2009. The topics she covered during her stay were all broadcasted during the main news at RTL Television. They include:
  • Visa liberation for Montenegro featuring an interview of MEPs Tanja Fajon and Doris Pack
  • Interview with Montenegrin ambassador to NATO Veselin Sukovic
  • Story about Montenegrin famous painter in Belgium, Radivoje Rasa Djurovic

Aleksandra Mudresa on her experience:

"For me, it was an important experience because I met a lot of people and because now I know more than ever about EU reporting, and what it means to work with professional people and the best technical possibilities. It was really useful, especially because Montenegro expects a lot from the future and the EU. It was also interesting because I met colleagues from the region, Croatia, Albania and Serbia."
Watch Aleksandra Mudresa's report on visa liberalisation for Montenegro.

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