Aristea Stakic - RTV Panonija

From RTV Panonija, Serbia

RTV Panonija is a private channel with its main headquarters in Novi Sad. As such, it is one of the major regional media for the Northern Serbian province of Vojvodina.

Aristea Stakic has been a journalist for 10 years and the editor-in-Chief of RTV Panonija news bulletin for over 3 years. Aristea has also been awarded the best feature TV report on Serbia's integration with the EU in 2008 for her report on a group of Serbian students travelling by rail around Europe (broadcasted on RTV Panonija).

She describes below some of the topics she covered while she was a visiting journalist at SEETV in June 2009:

  • "My first report was about visa liberalisation for Serbia. I reported from Luxemburg, during the GAERC meeting during which the EU Ministers gave their political support to the lifting of the visa regime;
  • "My second report covered the attendance of Serbian deputy Prime Minister Bozidar Djelic to the Summit, I was able to report live during our news bulletin.
  • "In my third report, I wanted to investigate the feelings of the youth towards the EU in this post-electoral period. I interviewed students from a university in Brussels, then I met with some young European federalists."

Watch Aristea Stakic' report : What does Europe mean to Youth?