Borjan Jovanovski - A1 TV

From A1 TV, Macedonia

A1 Television was founded in 1993, as the first private and independent TV station in Macedonia. Today, it is the most watched private television channel in the country with central news bulletins at 19:00 and 23:00.

Borjan Jovanovski is the main presenter of Eurozum. He was a visiting journalist in June 2009.

  • Studio debate with Brussels correspondents on the future of enlargement for the Western Balkans;
  • Report on visa liberalisation for Macedonia in view of official EC recommendation on Wednesday 15 July;
  • Portrait of a Belgian policeman with "special working methods" who distributes "lucky clovers" instead of fines;
  • Report on the prices of red fruits (e.g. cherries) which reach up to 12 Eur/kg in Belgium;
  • Report on Baarle, a city sitting on the border of Belgium (Baarle-Hertog) and the Netherlands (Baarle-Nassau) which is divided as an administrative puzzle between the two countries.
Borjan Jovanovski on his experience:

For me this was opportunity to do more human type of stories on EU integration. This kind of coverage is a “sine qua non” for the success of our job. If we reduce EU integration process to political rhetoric of domestic or Brussels politicians, it quickly becomes distant and difficult to understand for the wide audience - and the wide audience should precisely be our target, because it concerns their lives. If we reduce our reporting to that, often empty and meaningless rhetoric, our work will fail and even be counterproductive, because viewers will turn away from us and say: “Europe - that is something boring!” Instead of that, we need to show segments and images of the real life, which will illustrate European values and standards and help our viewers to understand the benefits and obligations of the EU integration.
Watch Borjan Jovanovski's report on Baarle.