Ivana Brkic - RTL TV

From RTL-TV, Croatia.

Ivana Brkic
was a visiting journalist in Brussels in September 2009. The topics she covered during her stay were all broadcasted during the main news at RTL Television. They include:
  • The preparations by the Croatian Mission for Accession
  • Accession Conference – Story and live
  • Croats in Brussels: Croats working for the European institutions, Croatian businesses in Brussels
  • Portrait of Members of the European Parliament Hannes Swoboda and Doris Pack

Ivana Brkic on
her experience:

"I met so many interesting people, and had the opportunity to introduce myself to some key players for Croatia. It was also an opportunity to experience my work in Brussels. Given that RTL TV doesn’t have any correspondent in Brussels, I think we were better informed about the EU affairs for these 10 days. Now I also understand better how it works, the relations between some institutions and their duties."

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