Ljiljana Smiljanic

From Alternativna televizija Banjaluka (ATV), Bosnia and Herzegovina

ATV has been producing daily local and Network programs since November 1997. It covers 5 municipalities of the Banja Luka region (Banja Luka, Laktasi, Srbac, Celinac, Gradiska) with a population of 350.000 people. With its transmitter on Kozara mountain, the ATV footprint increased to a region with ca 60% of total RS population (ca. 600 000 people). The channel produces daily 30 minutes long news show, starting at 19:00 and a short newscast at 10:, 12:,15: and 23:00.

Ljiljana Smiljanic was a visiting journalist in Brussels in March 2009. She describes some of the main stories she covered during her stay in Brussels for the 7p.m. news edition:

  • RS Representation office in Brussels- "This story was about the representation office of Republic of Srpska in Brussels, their main tasks and how they aim at promoting business opportunities for EU countries in the Republika Srpska."
  • Bosnian Mission in Brussels - "A story about diplomatic activity in EU in order to bring Bosnia at least a step closer to the EU with an interview of the ambassador Osman Topcagic on visa liberalisation."
  • Economic crisis and European path of Bosnia - "The story about whether economic crisis that is infecting EU will decrease IPA fund for Bosnia and other countries in the region." 
  • Ljiljana Smiljanic on her experience:
    "For me it was a unique experience. For the first time, I had a chance to do stories concerning European future of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but from the very center. My stay in Brussels gave me another point of view for certain tasks that Bosnia should complete on its way towards full EU membership.

    We had a chance to get valuable information for our viewers about visa liberalization, EU membership for Bosnia, and to explain to them what each of those means, and why Bosnia should fulfil its obligations towards the EU."

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