Siniša Prica

From TV Kapital Network.

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Siniša Prica was a visiting journalist at SEETV in June 2009, he describes below the topics he covered while in Brussels:

  • Croatia – Slovenia border dispute: a report on the trilateral negotiations in Brussels broadcasted in the News bulletin;
  • EU and Croatia strike deal on privatisation of shipyards, report broadcasted in the News bulletin;
  • Conclusions on the June 2009 EU summit, a 2-minutes package broadcasted in the News bulletin;
  • Lobbying in Brussels: what is the role of lobbyists? How can the transparency of this activity be improved? What are the activities of a Croatian lobbyist in Brussels? This was a 6-minutes package broadcasted in the programme « Europa », a weekly TV magazine covering various EU critical issues for citizens, politicians and business leaders;
  • Interview with Christine Meisinger from the Croatia unit in the Olli Rehn’s office, on the EU agricultural policy. It was a 10-minutes package that was broadcasted in the programme « Gospodarski tjedan » that can be translated as "A weekly look at the economic events";
  • Aftermath of the European Parlamentary elections: a 2-minutes package broadcasted in the News bulletin and in « Europa » magazine;
  • EC cuts SMS and roaming rates : this report was also broadcasted in the News bulletin and « Europa ».

    Siniša Prica on his experience:

    "This gave me the benefit of a first hand experience for insight into the functioning of the European Council, Commission and Parliament. It was an opportunity for me to talk to the representatives of the Olli Rehn’s and Javier Solana’s offices and to hear their thoughts on the Croatian accession process, and the problems on the way. Great experience, a lot of new contacts... I’m sure it will be much easier for me to cover EU related topics in the future."

    "For my TV station, it was a unique possibility of covering Brussels negotiations between Croatia and Slovenia about the border dispute as well as the EU Summit, from the spot. Reports from Brussels were broadcasted on several programmes : News bulletins, «Europa» - weekly TV magazine covering  EU issues, «Gospodarski tjedan » - the weekly look at the economic events. Feedbacks from the audience were excellent."

    Watch Sinisa Prica's report on the EU Summit 18-19 June 2009.