Mreza Production Group deals in production of TV and radio programs, feature films, TV ads and reports, media promotions, marketing and RTV consulting. Mreza has been involved in the production of specialized EU magazine programs in Serbia for the last seven years and it currently produces five television programs of a total of 3 hours per week.

Jovana Manic was a visiting journalist in Brussels in March 2010. The topics she covered during her stay were all broadcasted in the daily programme Evronet. They include:

  •   Who will pay the Greek bill? - A report on financial crisis in Greece with interview with Bruegel Think Tank expert Zsolt Darvas.
  •   A report about NATO/ Serbia relations with an interview of NATO spokesperson James Appathurai.
  •   Living standards in Belgium - A report comparing the prices of basic goods in Belgium Vs. Serbia.

Jovana Manic on her experience:

“Mreza production Group produces a show called "Evronet", which runs daily on RTS (public broadcaster) and covers EU related topics. We always try to compare situation in different sectors in Serbia with similar examples in the EU member states. That is why reporting from Brussels was a great chance for me to make some relevant reports and also to cover some"hot" topics at the time, like EU summit on euro crisis, etc.

Stories made at the heart of EU decision making center are always welcome - to refresh our perspectives but also to meet new people and make useful contacts. My stay in Brussels made a strong impression on me, both on a professional and personal level.”


Video Description: Report on the living standards in Belgium.

Shoot date: 25 March 2010.