BIRN Kosovo (Balkan Investigative Reporting Network) produces a weekly current affairs programme “Jeta ne Kosove” (“Life in Kosovo”), transmitted on Radio Television Kosova, RTK. The programme includes field reportage on the issues at hand, direct questioning of decision-makers, affected parties, and studio debate. It covers the most important political and social issues unfolding on a weekly basis in Kosovo.

Artan Haraqija has worked for a number of Kosovo media, including RTK, the national TV station. During his stay as a visiting journalist in Brussels in May 2010, Artan made special “Brussels edition” of Life in Kosovo including:

  • A report on the possibilities for Kosovo to join EU funded programs
  • A report on the views in Brussels on the fight against corruption and organized crime in Kosovo
  • An interview with Edvard Kukan, a Slovak MEP, a country that didn’t recognize Kosovo. Mr. Kukan is also the Head of the European Parliament’s delegation for South East Europe
  • An interview with Russian Ambassador to NATO Dmitry Rogozin

Artan Haraqija on his experience:

"There are massive changes happening right now in Kosovo and because of that, getting the official views from EU was very helpful. EU integration process is seen as a national interest in Kosovo but there isn’t much clarification regarding the possibilities and conditions that my country must fulfill in order to move forward. Many meetings I had either with EU or Think Tank representatives were very helpful on getting a clearer understanding of the positions in Brussels.
For my TV, this stay in Brussels contributed to the efforts to make viewers understand that EU integration and everything founded by the EU is not a dream but very much possible. The only thing needed is to work hard in order to get there, just the same as everyone else did so far. Being able to explain this to our viewers is more than incredible.”