Ivana Petrovic - TV Nova, Croatia

TV Nova is a Croatian commercial television network launched in November 2000. It was the first commercial television network with national concession in the country.

Ivana Petrovic is a foreign news editor at Nova TV and was a visiting journalist in Brussels in June 2010. The topics she covered during her stay were either broadcasted during the main news or during the news magazine “Provjereno”. They include:

  • What next for Croatia membership talks? - A report on the EU Foreign Minister Council in Luxembourg of 14 June with a focus on ICTY Prosecutor Brammertz’ report on Croatia, broadcast on the same day during the news.
  • “Brakes on EU Enlargement” - A report and live from the EU Summit of 17 June in Brussels, broadcasted on the same day in the news.
  • A story the Belgian passion for chocolate, broadcasted in the news magazine “Provjereno” on July 1st.

Ivana Petrovic on her experience:

“Coverage of EU topics is a crucial part of the news programme on TV Nova. Croatia is on the eve of full EU membership. My stay in Brussels helped me to better understand the different points of view on Croatia’s membership and on enlargement in general.”



Video Description: “Brakes on EU Enlargement”, Report and live from the EU Summit of 17 June.

Shoot date: 17 June 2010.