Ljiljana Smiljanic - ATV Banjaluka, BiH

ATV has been producing daily local and Network programs since November 1997. It covers 5 municipalities of the Banja Luka region (Banja Luka, Laktasi, Srbac, Celinac, Gradiska) with a population of 350.000 people. With its transmitter on Kozara mountain, the ATV footprint increased to a region with ca 60% of total RS population (ca. 600 000 people). The channel produces daily 30 minutes long news show, starting at 19:00 and a short newscast at 10:, 12:,15: and 23:00.

Ljiljana Smiljanic was a visiting journalist in Brussels in March 2010. She describes some of the main stories she covered during her stay in Brussels for the 7p.m. news edition:

  • Visa free travel for citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina: “We got useful information for our viewers including a possible timing for abolishing visas”.
  • Belgian law banning the burqa: “It was interesting for us because there is a similar initiative in Bosnia. We talked to the member of Belgian Parliament who proposed the law, Denis Ducarme, and to those who have been against it since the beginning. Through that story, we tried to explore what the Bosnian initiative would mean for our society, and how it would affect the public in Bosnia.”
  • Bosnian mission to the NATO: “Bosnia got the MAP earlier this year and the defense reform is often described as the only really successful reform there. The visit to our Mission in NATO HQ in Brussels was an opportunity to see the progress of Bosnia on that path and what it means for our citizens.”

Ljiljana Smiljanic on her experience:

“For me it was a unique experience. I had a chance to do stories concerning European future of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but from the very center. My stay in Brussels gave me another point of view for certain tasks that Bosnia should complete on its way towards full EU membership."



Video Description: Report visa liberalization for BiH.

Shoot date: 25 June 2010.