A1 Television was founded in 1993, as the first private and independent TV station in Macedonia. Today, it is the most watched private television channel in the country with central news bulletins at 19:00 and 23:00.

Saska Cvetkovska is a reporter for Evrozum, a weekly TV news magazine broadcasted for over 12 years in Macedonia and dedicated to the European accession process of the country, as well of the other countries in the Western Balkans. She was a visiting journalist in March 2010. Her reports include:

  • A story on communications and transparency at the EU institutions, including an interview with Koen Doens, Head of the European Commission’s Spokespersons’ Services and an inside view on how EC spokesman service prepares to handle requests of the journalists.
  • A story on an ophthalmologist in Antwerp who has performed a high number of eye surgeries on children from Macedonia who have been victims of medical deficiencies
  •  “Les petits riens” – A report in two parts on the actions of various Belgian NGOs (Brussels, Liege) aimed at combating poverty. NGO Les petits riens provides work and roof to people in need by collecting and recycling old cloths and other items. This story was made to illustrate EU initiative “2010- Year of Combating Poverty and Exclusion”.

Saska Cvetkovska on his experience:

“Live from Brussels is not just an opportunity for making reports from the EU institutions. Besides the chances to get a closer overview on their work and to meet key EU personalities, we also get the chance not just to make a report, but to make a story that will show better how the European standards are functioning in practice and how their implementation improves the daily life of citizens. And this is possible by being in the heart of the EU and at the same time being in an EU country – a perfect combination that helps to understand and to show how high level standards can become a reality in Macedonia.”



Video Description: Report on NGO’s who are active in the field of fighting poverty and exclusion in Belgium.

Shoot date: 26 March 2010.