Belgrade-Prishtina dialogue and its impact on daily life

Serbia-Kosovo dialogue - a reality check

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A reality check is a series of reports on the main topics of the Belgrade-Prishtina dialogue and its impact on daily life of people in Kosovo and Serbia

With this series we want to shift the focus from marathon negotiations rounds in Brussels to the situation on the ground and show how the lives of people in all communities in Kosovo are affected by the agreements reached in Brussels – or by the lack of it. We want to facilitate the media coverage by offering voices and images from all communities concerned.

The format of this series will be flexible and easy–to-use by broadcasters: short and adaptable pre-edited TV reports acompanied by English script, together with the so called “stock-shots” – collection of illustration images to help televisions cover different themes of the dialogue.

Topics of the dialogue such as institutions in the Northern Kosovo, border management, freedom of movement, personal documents, car plates, recognition of diplomas, energy and telecommunications etc. are presented as higly important but often remain abstract and vague in the TV coverage. Yet it is progress in negotiations on these issues that will determine the path of Serbia and Kosovo towards EU.

The aim of the project is to contribute to a balanced and comprehensive general coverage of the dialogue.

Supported by King Baudouin Foundation and Kosovo Foundation for Open Society.