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EU in the aftermath of the Paris attacks

16 01 2015, 12:37

Coordination on various levels between EU Member states will be a key word in the aftermath of Paris attacks: in intelligence sharing, improving of border controls and the way Schengen functions and also on political level. Different type of security is needed, the one that looks at roots and causes of radical movements, argues Guillaume Xavier-Bender from the German Marshal Fund.

  • EP resolution on Serbia

    19 01 2015, 12:22

    Serbia is on the track but has long way to go on its path to EU membership, according to David McAllister, rapporteur on Serbia of the European Parliament....

  • Completing the EU Enlargement to the Balkans

    08 12 2014, 11:47

    The Balkan Forum: Searching for solutions to the open issues in the Balkans

    Croatia did it, but for the rest of Balkans it looks like...

  • South Stream can be built

    04 12 2014, 12:44

    South Stream can be built. The conditions have been clear since a long time. There is nothing new. The ball is in the court of Russia. We are ready...