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Increaseing numbers of asylum seekers

18 07 2014, 01:14

Number of asylum seekers from Western Balkans countries remains to be very high, according to the latest annual report of the European Asylum Support Office. In 2013 the number of asylum claimants from Balkans in the EU increased by 36% compared to 2012. There were more asylum applicants from Western Balkan countries considered together than from Syria, despite very low recognition rate. In Germany alone, which is most targeted EU country, there were almost 34.000 asylum claims, or 65% of the EU total.
"The best way to reduce these numbers is to shorten the asylum procedure by declaring Western Balkans countries “safe countries of origin". If Germany adopts these changes (the procedure in Bundestag started but may take some time) the overall numbers of asylum seekers in EU will drop significantly”, says Alexandra Stiglmayer for European Stability Initiative (ESI).