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Completing the EU Enlargement to the Balkans

08 12 2014, 11:47

The Balkan Forum: Searching for solutions to the open issues in the Balkans

Croatia did it, but for the rest of Balkans it looks like they are far away from their European future. What can be done? What are the new approaches that can be explored so that the accession story will end up good for the Balkans. This is the first debate of the series of the  Balkan Forum supported by the European Fund for the Balkans and produced in cooperation between Europarl TV from Brussels and NOVATV from Skopje, in association with SEETV. Guests in this first edition of the Balkan Forum are MEPs Ivo Weigel, Edward Kukan and Miltijadis Kirkos and Florian Biber, a professor and director of the Centre for Southeast European Studies at the University of Graz, Austria. 

The serial of debates are based on the research studies “unfulfilled promise: completing the eu enlargement to the balkans” published by the European Fund for the Balkans. 

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