The Promise

2. Mar 2015, 08:52

A century ago Rogljevo was incredibly prosperous for a remote village in far eastern corners of Serbia. The wines of Rogljevo were to be found at exhibitions in Bordeaux and Paris. But today this region is poor and deserted. Suddenly a French family moved in to grow grapes and produce wine. They believe they have discovered a promised land, one of the top five wine regions in Europe. Their arrival sparked high hopes with some villagers - and great resistance and mistrust with others. Can Rogljevo yet again live out of its wine?

The Long Road through Balkan History

2. Mar 2015, 08:55

“The Long Road” explores different visions of the common past in the Balkans and how those differing visions impact the present and the future of the region. 20 years since the collapse of the old Yugoslavia, the time has finally come for the ultimate Balkan road movie…

Kosovo Diary

2. Oct 2009, 06:17

As Kosovo Albanians prepare themselves for a long-desired independence after 10 December 2007, Serbs strongly reaffirm their opposition to Kosovo’s independence. This situation is the last open threat to Balkan stability. Throughout this critical phase, SEETV releases a new documentary.

Culture Rocks the City

2. May 2012, 02:35

Filmed in Barcelona, Lille, Timisoara and Zagreb, "Culture Rocks the City" shows how culture can radically change the image of European cities. Comparing experiences of cultural activism between Eastern and Western Europe, SEETV explores how culture can become a powerful tool of both economic development and citizenship.

Greetings from Kosovo

2. Apr 2012, 08:39

It’s Europe’s most difficult territorial question: the future of Kosovo. Talks to settle this critical issue have just started. A key moment chosen by SEETV to release a major 50 minute documentary to explore the nature of the dispute. A mixed production crew (Albanian and Serb), travelled around Kosovo to meet ordinary people from both communities- in cities and villages, in enclaves and monasteries, in schools, cafés and hospitals ...

Decentralization: a solution for Kosovo minorities?

2. Apr 2012, 08:39

In the run-up to the presentation of the Ahtisaari plan for the future status of Kosovo, this TV report highlights the issues at stake for both communities in Kosovo in the field of local government.

Under the same flag

2. Feb 2007, 08:00

In 2004, nine years after the war, a joint Ministry of Defence was established in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a Joint Military Staff. The once warring armies are now under a single command. In the building of the State Ministry of Defence, Generals from the three ethnic communities work under the same roof. The Head of the Joint Staff is Bosniak. His two deputies: a Serb and a Croat ...

The enemy within

2. Feb 2007, 08:00

Brief description: When Milosevic was brought down, he left a heavy legacy. For months after his demise, his system continued to work. The Serbian army, police and secret services continued to operate according to their own rules. The new government couldn’t face up to the radical reform of these key power structures ...

A lethal legacy

2. Feb 2007, 08:00

Pictures in the room of Natasha Kmetovska tell the story of her life. Birthdays, holidays, her first day at school. The widespread possession and uncontrolled proliferation of Small arms and Light Weapons within South Eastern Europe continues to constitute a major threat to social and economic development by fuelling episode of the series episode of the series episode of the seriescrime and insecurity. Moreover, small arms proliferation seriously impedes the security and confidence building measures being developed during the transitional period of many of the countries within the region ...