Europe and You

EU reports for the Balkan audiences

SEETV has produced a series of 40 TV magazine reports illustrating various angles of European integration process. Reports can be grouped around 10 bigger themes (ex: good governance, environment, EU enlargement etc.) Most of reports are filmed in EU countries and focus on portraying EU citizens, to actually show very concretely what the “European standards” are all about and how they translate in daily life concerns. Each story is produced in international version and approximately 5 min long. A full script in English for each report has been made available, including a suggested commentary and a transcript (or translation) of the soundbites.

SEETV has teamed up with 6 TV magazines on 6 TV channels in the Balkans to produce and broadcast "Europe and You" series. Associated channels/magazines are

  • ATV Banjaluka, Bosnia and Herzgovina ("Dosije" Magazine)
  • Nova TV, Croatia
  • Eurozum Magazine, Macedonia
  • TVCG, Montenegro ("Pecat" Magazine)
  • RTK, Kosovo ("Europe Closer" Magazine)
  • RTV, Serbia ("Tu sasvim blizu" Magazine)

Editors and journalists from associated channels were closely involved in the preparation and production phase of the project.

This project aims at answering the needs of TV magazine programme producers in the Balkans, for more human interest stories on subjects directly related to the EU integration process of their countries. The project is fully complementary with the efforts made by TV editors from the Balkans to report on the EU integration process at home, via locally filmed stories. Our offer of stories filmed in the EU supports their approach and provides the missing link. Another important goal was to stimulate exchange of programmes and ideas between editors covering European integration in the various countries of the Balkans.

Video reports

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