Friday 19 October 2007 at 20:30 CET on Europe by Satellite

Interview with Erhard Busek, Special Coordinator of the Stability Pact for SEE


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05:12 Interview

In general the Stability Pact had the achievement that we have a stable political situation. The SP was founded after the wars in the region, the downfall of former Yugoslavia, everything was on the move, we had a totally new map, the conditions under which political decisions, economic and social development was done, was totally changed, and nobody knew which direction they would go. Now you can calculate on SEE, you know that countries are now EU members like Romania and Bulgaria, might coming soon like Croatia, or starting negotiations, getting SAA. The agenda of the region has totally changed, we started with problems of refugees, minorities, can you trust legislation, and I think we are moving in the direction of a quite normal political agenda with a perspective of membership to the EU and NATO.

Kosovo status – last threat to the stability in the Balkans?


It is an obstacle that Kosovo on one side and Serbs on the other that are joining NATO and it might have an influence on some views in BiH. It has not THE importance for the region in general because they all want to go their own way to the EU but I think the Kosovo subject has to come to an end, it’s very much depending on the international community, I think the problem is more outside and it has to be developed a common position of the EU and member states towards this because it is a European problem and we don’t need an interference from outside it has to be settled by the Europeans, it’s a European responsibility.

And if we had one point of view, I think it would be solved in a certain direction. Maybe one day independence but maybe not one day to the other, but a decision has to be done on this because it is also blocking Serbia. Not only on the way to the EU, it’s also a self-blockade which is happening, if you want to do harm to Serbia, give them Kosovo back because they are not able really to handle it, here a clear view has to be developed. And the different partners in Bosnia have to look together, I think they are one state, they have to act as one state,

On the Serbian government decision to pull out from regional forums if Kosovo is represented there directly, not by UNMIK


This is a tactical play, it’s not a real issue which is happening here. This is not a common opinion in Serbia, very often in Serbia especially speaking with the younger generation for them Kosovo is already solved, because they want to go to the future and not be blocked by the past.