TVCG is the public radio and television service of Montenegro, with the biggest viewership in the country.

Ljiljana Savic is the editor of the Foreign News Desk in TVCG, with 15 years of professional experience. She was a visiting journalist in Brussels in May 2010.

Some of the topics she covered during her stay:

  • “Green energies” or renewable energy sources, with an interview with Gema San Bruno, Secretary General of European Small Hydropower Association, in the context of ongoing debate in Montenegro on the construction of hydro power plants
  • Montenegro’s path towards European integration – state of play - with an interview with European Parliament Rapporteur for Montenegro Charles Tannok, Cristina Gallach, Spanish Presidency spokesperson and off the record briefings with European Commission officials
  • Story about the largest stem cell bank in Europe located in Belgium, Cryo-Save, which specializes in research into adult stem cells and their long-term storage for medical therapeutic use.

Ljiljana Savic on her experience:

“First of all, this stay was an opportunity for me to see how journalists work in Brussels and adapt my ways of working. It also enriched my knowledge about EU Institutions and how they function.

TV and the media in general have a duty to inform and ease the understanding of certain things that are very much important for the viewers. Through my stay in Brussels, my TV station got the chance to explain the EU perspectives of my country much better.”


Shoot date: 10 May 2010
Video Description: Report on renewable energy sources.