Ana Glisic

From Production group "Mreza", Serbia

Mreza Production Group deals in production of TV and radio programs, feature films, TV ads and reports, media promotions, marketing and RTV consulting. Mreza has been involved in the production of specialized EU magazine programs in Serbia for the last seven years and it currently produces five television programs of a total of 3 hours per week. 

Ana Glisic was a visiting journalist in Brussels in May 2009. Most of the topics she covered during her stay were used for the show TV MREZA:

  • Interview with Cristina Gallach on EU relations, visa regime and EU membership conditionnality. This interview was used for the show TV Mreza to present to main obstables to EU integration;
  • Coverage of conference organised by Google, YouTube and Euronews on boosting the participation of voters to the next EP elections;
  • Open days at the EU institutions: this story was used in a show called “Euronet” which is about relations between Serbia and the EU. This show is broadcasted everyday on national/public service TV RTS.
  • Ana Glisic on her experience:

    "This was a great opportunity to shoot from the EU institutions. Everyday, we broadcast TV shows about the EU and we do not have enough materials. The information and stories I will bring from Brussels will be very helpful to explain the EU to the public and to show what the people from the EU think about Serbia and its relations to the EU.

    "My stay in Brussels was very helpful for me to see and understand the way EU institutions work and what people here think about the EU integration for Balkan countries and Serbia more specifically. I could make good connections while I was here and I hope to stay in touch with people from the EU institutions because they are a good source of information."

    Maja Divac, Editor of daily program Evronet, Mreza Production:

    “ Live from Europe was one of the rare opportunities for us to report from Brussels. It helped us a lot in a number of ways. First by providing our journalist with additional training on how to report on the integration issues from the heart of the EU, from Brussels. Secondly, by enabling us to have a reporter on the hottest EU spot, at the very important time for the EU itself, just on the eve of the EP elections. 

    Thanks to your program we were able to do a number of interviews and to present to our viewers what was the significance of EP elections, to show how the election campaign looked like, and to explain what the role of European Parliament is in general.”